About Us

Our Philosophy

So many people ask me: What are the secrets of Greek food and hospitality? Is it the sharing of our food and meals? Is it the simplicity and freshness of the products that we use? Could it be the warmness, honesty and authenticity of our people? Or is it our climate, the blue skies, the sun and the sea?

For me, it is all of these things combined that produce the unique experience of Greek cuisine. I am inviting you to join us on a journey of delicious flavours, tastes and dishes. My grandpa Giorgos used to say “Your mouth will have a party, Ilias” when he introduced me to Greek mezedes at our local taverna ‘Kronos’ in Thessaloniki. I was only a small boy, but I have very fond memories of this time.

In our delicatessen, we provide fresh, tasty, colourful dishes which will impress your palate and bring you the freshness of the Aegean, the beauty of the islands and our countryside to your table.

Through this experience, I would like to introduce you to eat in or take away fresh homemade cooking for you and your loved ones…

The Greek Deli is owned and run by Ilias Karalivanos who has over 20 years experience in the hospitality sector. Ilias setup the deli to share his taste for truly exceptional and delicious Greek food.

Private Events

If you would like to hire out our venue for a private event we have space for up to 15 people and can provide food around your requirements.

Good food, tasty food, your food.